Brokerage Manager for Import/Export Business

Benefits Direct Hire Full time Home Base Recruiting

Job Description

Our client, a leader in the global shipping/freight industry vertical is actively hiring.  We’re targeting a Brokerage Manager for the Import/Export Business. This would be a full-time, direct hire, base salary opportunity with benefits.

Location – Capital District, NY

Job Responsibilities:

Must be a Licensed Customs Broker (LCB)

We’re looking for 5+ years of relative industry experience!

Customs House Brokerage Manager Roles & Responsibilities

1. Daily payments of ACH Statements

2. Periodic Monthly Billing setup (For clients with bonds paid on our statement or for clients with Payer Unit Number who choose periodic monthly billing)

3. Request continuous Customs Bonds from provider, apply in system, billing.

4. Bond renewals. Monitor continuous bond validity and send renewal requests to clients, follow-up, notify surety once confirmed, billing.

5. Trouble shoot system issues w/ CBP client rep. and software provider.

6. Software maintenance: Profile, Payer Unit Numbers, ACH, Related Party indication.

7. Annual employee reporting to CBP. New employees and termination of employees.

8. Canadian clearances: Review and send docs to Near North.

9. Handle complex entries with OGA or other special requirements.

10. Certain Post Entry. PSC, Drawback, etc.

11. Monitor Entry numbers to ensure sufficient supply.

12. Monitor renewal and payment for local/ national permits.

13. Additional responsibilities as needs change

14. Run and put agenda together for Monthly Department Meeting

15. Desk coverage for team members when they are out of the office.

16. Team training, guidance, and disciplinary actions as necessary. 17. Policy & Procedure enforcement, including Billing procedures.

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